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Classic lash 


Flat lash

you can change to Flat lash +¥500

From classic lash prices

Volume lash


*New costumer is 10%off service

*Within 2 weeks refill for 10% off

*Within 3 weeks refill for 5% off

Lower lash


Color lash

Point color   +¥500-

Mix . Full color  +¥1,000-

Lash Removal

Replacement off  ¥0

This store  ¥1,100-

Another shop  ¥2,200-

*If would you like to replacement it will be

change to regular price.




Prevention of eye disease

Prevention of get eye mites

Protect easy fall lashes

Stick glue longer

Serum permeability up

Lash lift


Finish up with serum coating

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