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About reservation and appointment 

please do not put any mascara or curls 
If you already add some make up please show up before 10min and remove your eye makeup 
Without eyes make up you can still on it.

if you have any allergic we can’t add extensions.

if you add any eyelash perms or curls easy to fall off so in that case we can’t do add extensions. 

for hard contact lens user please bring your contact case because remove it before appointment. 

before your wedding party 
About 1 month before party we will make sure about allergic reaction is show up or not.
For first customers also any repeaters or add other places the extensions or glue is different so please come for make sure first 
After that show up 3-5 days before party we will add your imagination extensions. 

cancel,changing dates or changing menu please contact before the day.

1 Q how long does it last?
A it’s depends your eyelash conditions, after care and eyelash cycles but it stay long about 3weeks to 1 month.

2 Q when should i come for refill?

A about 2 weeks your eyelash grows and extensions is not stay right positions also getting fall off and looks less so almost customer coming about 3 or 4 weeks.

3 Q is it possible if i have short eyelash?

A Yes at least if you have 1 or 2mm long eyelashes 
But it will easily fall off and can’t stay long right position so we recommend not too long and thick.

4 Q how many add extensions you recommend?

A if natural look ~80lines for both eyes
If add eyeliner look 100~120 lines 
If add mascara volume look 140~180 lines recommend

5 Q the extensions make my lashes fall or any damage?

A No it won’t be add any damage or fall off your eyelash because of extensions 
It’s better than strip lashes or  curls.

6 Q after few weeks later extensions looks messy 

A if your eyelash grows the extensions can’t stay right position so getting looks messy 
Please calming or brushing carefully and fix the mess 
If doesn’t work please add eyelash extensions coating or mascara and make it stay.

7 Q can I come with make up on?

A you can remove at our salon but can’t face wash so your make up stay your lashes so makes doesn’t stay long 
So please make clean or don’t make up on 
Also if you curled eyelash make doesn’t stay long or easy to be messy so please don’t use curls

But if you make up hard to remove sometimes we don’t have any enough time to add your volume lashes 
Thank you for understanding.

8 Q what should i use for remove make up

A please use oil free cleansing. 
If use oil cleansing the extensions easy to fall off 

If you don’t know where can get it we selling it at Like iT!

9 Q can i put make up after add extensions?

A yes but please use easy to remove with warm water mascara or eyeliner 
Water proof or gel eyeliner can’t use it 

Please do not curls with extensions because when you curl it the extensions fall off.

10 Q can i go sea , pool or onsen(hot spring)?

A if its not everyday okay
But if you go sea a lot we recommend come refill about 2 or 3 weeks
Also if you go onsen often the glue is not strong for humid spots so easy to fall off.

11 Q i am pregnant but can i try?

A you have to lay on the chair about 1.5h-2h so if you can’t handle it we can’t 
Also if you pregnant your body is changing so recommend add natural course extensions.

12 Q is the glue is safe?

A we are using safety standard conditions glue but your body conditions is changing so rarely allergic reaction response.

Also the glue is not touch your eyes but it depends your body conditions ,dry  or sensitive skin person get some stings from glue.
Please do not open your eyes during add extensions.

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