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What are Eyelash extension?


For our first customers 

What is eyelash extensions...

We will add extensions on from 1-2mm way your lashes with glue 
Eyelash extensions is different with strip lashes so you don’t have to put like everyday
Extensions stay long about 3-4weeks so easy to make up also you are not using curls so less damage on your lashes 

About your eyelash cycle

Basically eyelash reborn 30-60days so normally lashes fall off everyday 
If you feel like too much space please come refill 
Also please take off all extensions once in a few month and keep clean your eyelash

Eyelash extensions


Classic Lash

About 0.12-0.2mm extensions add one by one your lashes so it looks natural but has presence lines also we can control about volume

Recommend for...

■If you want a natural look.

■If you want to look like you are wearing mascara.

■If you have naturally thick lashes.

■If you have a lots of natural lashes.

■If you have thick and long lashes.

​■If you have thick,dense,long natural lashes.


1. Lighter than classic lash

Top and bottom 50% thinner than classic but same wide side so you can still get the volume

2. Ellipse shaped

The flat lash has double size add glue space than classic 

It makes keep your extensions stay longer

3. Soft and natural

The flat lash has soft split tips and lighter than classic

make look like soft and natural

4. Lift up

The ellipse shaped fits on your lashes so if you have straight or down natural lashes this extensions

make your lash lift up effect


Volume Lash

About 0.05-0.07mm few extensions add together and make fan 
So need high performance 
It is very thin and light so make natural volume also not burden your eyelash 


Recommend for...
■If you have very sparse natural lashes.
■If you have very fine or weak natural lashes.
■If you want more volume to your lash look.

■If you have a lots of natural lashes.

■If you used to wear strip lashes and enjoy the look then.

​■If you want to come for fills less often.

Lash lift

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